Well Chris has left us once again. In fact, today is his first day at Apple in Vancouver, WA, but we managed to get a season 3 finale recorded before the big move. We talked about why he’s such a good candidate for Apple and generally tried to figure out why he’s leaving me. Check it.



Comedian, performer, all around good guy Al Fallick dropped by to talk about his one man show Movies, Musicals, and Me: An Evening with Me, Halpert Evans, his experience training with the Groundlings, and other stuff too.

Here are his tweets @alfal99, and the trailer for his short film We’re Working On It. There you go.

Chris shares the details of a trip back home and talks about what might be a deal breaker in his new apartment. Possible remedies are discussed, as well as a couple of old stories, including dangerous bike rides and roller blading mishaps.