Nicole, also known as Springbok ASMR, Skyped in this week to talk about ASMR and her wildly popular Youtube channel. ASMR is a response some people get while listening to certain sounds or soft spoken words. It can have a tingling or calming effect and it has quite a community in places like YouTube and Reddit. Check it out.

Springbok ASMR

Famed public servant Justin De Ruyter dropped by to talk about ways to simply your life, tell a story about a close call fighting fire and how NFL rules have backfired. Check it.


Rebecca dropped by and was a delight as always. We talked about a recent experience working in a recreational marijuana shop, ebola scares and planned for the upcoming snowboarding season. Hit it.


Rebecca stopped by this week to correct Danny’s bad German, talk about some recent concert experiences and other stuff too, man. Check it.