We just wanted to let all of our faithful fans know that we’re taking the week off for Christmas. We’ll be back next Monday with a great guest. This podcast is basically brand new but we’ve gotten an overwhelmingly positive response and we’re excited about the new year. Hopefully you all are enjoying some time with your families and we look forward to getting back into it next week!

Danny and Anna discuss basketball aches and pains, crazy people, Christmas party fun and more. Plus Anna gives the news including the loss of a familiar dinosaur and North Korean failures.


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Danny and Anna are joined by good friend Chris Schepman. They discuss business trips, a broken down car and drinking at Christmas parties. Then Anna gives the news including the Mars rover, elk decoys and more. Finally they give a recommendation.


Link to Danny’s band: www.soundcloud.com/lafko

Link to Jumper

Danny and Anna discuss the Seahawks winning, him being a bad shopper, and why George Bailey is a little slow in It’s a Wonderful Life. Then Anna gives the news including Hugh Hefner getting engaged, the Powerball, the pope on twitter, and more.


Check out Jets Overhead here: http://jetsoverhead.com/

Here’s the link to the World War Z trailer: