Creating a successful podcast is not without it’s difficulties. Our goal of recording podcasts over the weekend and releasing them each Monday morning is a good goal that we plan on sticking to. It didn’t happen this week though. But have no fear! We are just going to be a couple days late this week, release this week’s on Wednesday night and then we’ll have another one for you on Monday. Thanks for your loyal listenership and in case you were curious how you can subscribe to the show, you can click the itunes link on our website, you can also find us on the stitcher app if you have an Android phone, the blubrry podcast directory or the podcast app on your iPhone. Thanks!






Anna and Danny are joined by Mr. Schepman. They discuss snowboarding woes, ill fitting clothes and a case of bad aim. Then Anna gives the news including the Manti Te’o story, Lance Armstrong and more.

I included a couple pictures from our trip to Mt. Bachelor and a link to the best brewery we could find in Bend, OR.

SmithBachelor  Teo

Danny and Anna are joined by their good friend Kyle. They discuss the Seahawks loss, Danny’s lack of snowboarding skills and net parties. Then Anna gives the news including Lance Armstrong’s confession and more.

Link to giant squid video:

Link to Flowerstalks: