Chris Schepman and Collin Ruffenach stop by and talk reality TV fantasy leagues, a recent camping trip, the Challenge and other stuff too. Then Anna gives the news including the royal baby, and a Weiner. Finally they settle a second round Seinfeld match.





Mary stops by once again and is a delight as always. They start off discussing Mary riding her bike to work and how Anna showed her the ropes. Then they talked 90’s TV and how Brink! would be a different movie today. Then Anna gives the news including a royal birth and some unlucky sting rays. Finally Mary delivered a decisive victory in an early second round bout in the Seinfeld game.


happy boy kate-middleton-prince-william-son-chachacorner



Chris Schepman stopped by once again. Danny led things off complaining about a quiet bathroom, the group agrees unanimously that skin conditions are weird and they discuss an embarrassing medical procedure. Then Anna gives the news including the Asiana AirlinesĀ plane crash, a masturbating bus driver and more. Finally Chris settles our last first round Seinfeld match up.

Our recommendation this week is local band, Wild Ones.




plane NJ_Transit_Bus

Briana Crider is the guest. They talk about her recent trip to Europe and some of her experiences there including a comparison of the various red light districts. Then Anna gives the news including the Egyptian coup, a crazy cliff dive and a filibuster. Finally a tight race in the Seinfeld game ended with “Not using your toothbrush” narrowly edging “man hands”.


ep30Ā Sen-Wendy-Davis-filibusterMideast Egypt