Mark Tucker and Jason Swetzoff are in the studio this week. They discuss the merits of bird watching, witnessing large groups of people fighting with nunchucks and Danny’s history as a peer mediator.





Bald Bryan from the Adam Carolla Podcast called in to talk about how he got his start in radio and what it’s like working with Adam. We also discussed his new book, the Seahawks being superior to the 49ers and Justin De Ruyter stopped by once again to talk about his hunting season.


Adam Carolla Show

The Film Vault Podcast

Bryan’s Book!





Danny starts things of discussing him being a late adopter and reliving his moment in the spotlight getting written up in the Sacramento Bee. Then Shane Torres enters the studio to discuss just about everything under the sun including Breaking Bad, Will Ferrell, and the death of Paul Walker.



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Danny started things off talking about quite a sensual video game story, then Patrick Polsin entered the studio to talk improv, Ellensburg and all kinds of other stuff.



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