CUPERTINO, California – Apple® announced today much anticipated changes to its MacBook lineup for 2016. Changes include an improved Skylane processor powered MacBook Pro, an upgraded retina display for the MacBook Air, and a host of design improvements. In addition, all MacBooks will now include an optional add-on for one fifth of a two bedroom apartment in San Francisco for an additional $1,400 per month. Although widely reported and expected from leaks of internal Apple documents, there was no announcement of an optional hobo repellent treatment, as had been expected.

Apple® president Tim Cook downplayed the disappointment and offered his condolences to those in the Tenderloin and elsewhere staying, “We understand there are considerable challenges facing our world today. And that is precisely why Apple is business – to solve those problems. We have never rushed a product to market before it was ready, and today is no exception. We are resolutely committed to insulating every one of our users from social contact not absolutely necessary, but an announcement on that front will have to wait. Instead we are offering processors in our MacBooks over 30% faster than before, MacBook Airs, still the envy of our competition, will now come with an even better, brighter screen; they’re absolutely amazing.”

He continued, “We know seeing hobos is a serious problem for our users, but today, we focus on what we can control, and that is staying in an unbelievably closed off ecosystem and lifestyle to go along with it. We want every last one of you buying ridiculously expensive clothes for no reason, paying top dollar for old vans that were out of style only a couple years ago, with seriously stupid tents that come out of the roof with a dumb little ladder leading to the stupid ground. And everything else that goes along with being a smug Apple user. Oh, and one more thing. We will also be offering the opportunity to buy into a one fifth ownership of the rent of a two bedroom apartment in SoMo. It’s an unbelievable deal, an absolutely amazing offer that is one of our best ideas we’ve ever had. We will revolutionize the way people are priced out of their neighborhoods, one MacBook at a time. Thank you.”

Lines have begun forming at the marquee Apple stores in New York, San Francisco, and elsewhere, and this reporter is freaking excited.

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