PORTLAND, OR – Oregon man Tony Spalding took less than half of the listed estimated reading time to complete a recent article on the importance of sleep he found on Medium. The article was a positively enlightening and fact-filled slog of a piece, all-together worthy of the six minute reading time estimated by the popular article aggregation site. “Just about the time I was really getting into the piece, learning about Andre Iguodala – something about how often he sleeps during games or something – I realized I was finished with it. I was like, ‘Whoa, no way has it been six minutes.”

It hadn’t.

A quick glance at the clock showed that Tony was less than three minutes into the piece about the importance of getting eight hours of sleep; an astounding feat, considering Tony had never once been under the required time before, an achievement he calls, “getting Undertime”. “I’ve heard of people getting Undertime before, but like a minute or two. I was three Under. That’s gotta be some kind of record.”

The ironic part? Tony got five hours of sleep last night. “I was up late last night watching The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. His brand of humor really gets me. Anyway, I dragged myself out of bed early to get to work, and read the article at my desk. I wasn’t feeling great this morning, but then I realized what had happened. I said, ‘Whoa man, you did it.’ I needed a pat on the back today, and really got one. I really got one.”

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