Multi-talented guy Travis Abels stopped by this week to talk about our experience on Reign In Portland, nerd out on improv,  have some baseball talk, and eventually talk about his awesome and wildly successful Kickstarter that you can support called …Or Something Like that.




Comedian, producer, competitive pinball player, other stuff all about town guy, Dylan Reiff called in this week to talk about his Kickstarter campaign, Kickstand Comedy (which he co-founded), and other stuff too. He’s a really funny and nice guy, you’ll like him. Plus, mediocre improviser Matt Lask sat in as well. Just kidding, he’s a much better improviser than me.

Make sure and check out the Kickstarter for Dylan’s film Polybius, it’s a very cool Portland project and you should support it!


dylan lask

Well it’s too late for you to see Ian at Bridgetown, but there’s always next year! It was really fun sitting down with Ian to talk about his comedy show 7 Minutes In Purgatory, and genearlly make fools of ourselves in the lobby of his hotel. Hit it!



I got to hang out with Andy Kindler this week, known for his role of Mort on Bob’s Burgers and all kinds of other stuff. We hung out in the lobby of his hotel and talked about fresh fruit and other stuff, but really mostly fresh fruit. There was a lot of fruit talk.

You can see him this weekend at Bridgetown Comedy Festival and he as an awesome Twitter. Check it.