PORTLAND, OR – Grover is your average three year old golden retriever. He loves digging holes in the backyard, chewing on his favorite toy, and running after his ball. “I just can’t get enough of the ball,” he declared while laying on his back, kicking his hind legs into the air repeatedly. When asked about his feelings on petting he quickly responded, “Nobody seems to realize this, but it can actually be pretty painful.”

He started noticing the overly aggressive petting when he was about six months old. “People started doing this thing where they’d pat me my back really hard. I’m pretty sure they think I like it, but I’m pretty sure I have bruising.”

One neighborhood beagle agreed with Grover but declined to be identified for fear of being a bad dog. “Oh sure, it hurts, but what am I going to do? Bite? No thanks. I’ll take my licks and keep quiet. It’s warm in here.”

Named by Willamette Weekly as Portland’s funniest comic 0f 2014, and named by me as very funny, both equally prestigious, Sean Jordan dropped by this week to talk about our love for things like Paul Walker and skateboarding (well he skateboarded, I was honorary cameraman) to things we don’t love like sunburns on vacation. That was an unnecessarily long sentence. Then, another member of the wildly popular improv group Ladies & Gentlemen, Chad Parsons, stopped by and we talked about our home towns plus played an invigorating round of the game that’s sweeping the nation, The Rotten Tomatoes game. Love you.


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Heeey everyone. I had a great time this week with Emilie, Zach and Jason talking about bad jobs from our past, Zach’s tattooing career, girl scout cookies and other fun stuff, check it, man.

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