Well it’s too late for you to see Ian at Bridgetown, but there’s always next year! It was really fun sitting down with Ian to talk about his comedy show 7 Minutes In Purgatory, and genearlly make fools of ourselves in the lobby of his hotel. Hit it!




Tim Hammer and Jason Traeger are the guests. They discuss the comedy scene in Portland, chicken sandwiches at length and other stuff too. Then Anna gives the news including an NBA player coming out, a spacecraft test and more!





marsrover Old-KFC-Chicken-Little



What a treat it was. We had comedian/actress Janet Varney on the podcast as well as crowd favorite Chris Schepman. We discussed Janet’s role on Entourage, us finding her through Totally Laime as well as rodeo vacations, pace picante commercials and other stuff too.

For you Portlanders, Janet will be performing  Saturday, April 20th 7:00 pm @ Pandora Stage at Hawthorne Theatre, then Sunday 4:00 @ Mt. Tabor Theatre and then a live recording of her podcast The JV Club Sunday 6:00 @ Bagdad Theatre.

Go listen to Janet’s podcast The JV Club! We both enthusiastically recommend it.  http://www.nerdist.com/podcast/the-jv-club/

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