Just a quick little update from Danny and then, drum roll please, the return of HQ Improv! You can check out the other episodes at hqimprov.com

PLAYERS: McClure Tosch, Kristin Light, Beth Gray, Kyle Kohlman, Sean Denicola, Danny Hendrix

07:58 – A couple decide what kind of pie they want

14:55 – A group of friends in a haunted mansion give an intervention

25:35 – A man buys some Girl Scout Cookies for a good cause.


Live at Brody. Dan and Chris discuss the the small size of the studio and bad sportsmanship, then Amy Miller does some stand up, Soopergud did some great improv but it wasn’t recorded so just close your eyes and imagine what it could have been like. You’re welcome. And they play the Rotten Tomatoes game including an epic Audible segue. Huge Quickly, man.

We really want to thank Amy Miller for coming out, improv super group Soopergud for showcasing their talents, Mark Tucker and his wife Jennifer for helping run the show, Kyle Kohlman for running the tech, Matt Sacks for designing the poster and taking these wonderful pictures and Tom with The Brody for letting us use his theater for the night. Thanks everybody.

Oh, while you’re here, go get an Audible trial! That’s audibletrial.com/hugequickly¬†You’ll be happy you did. That is all.



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