A couple very talented improvsers and friends of mine dropped by with the intention of doing some improv but we kind of just talked about stuff instead. Sorry about that. I admitted that I don’t love The Dark Knight and Jason almost killed me and left. Intense stuff folks. Also there was some fun potato vodka talk at the end so stick around for that.



Local comedian Curtis Cook stopped by to talk about his career in comedy and thoughts on Portland. Plus, we had a very uplifting and optimistic discussion about some of the recent grand jury decisions.




Nicole, also known as Springbok ASMR, Skyped in this week to talk about ASMR and her wildly popular Youtube channel. ASMR is a response some people get while listening to certain sounds or soft spoken words. It can have a tingling or calming effect and it has quite a community in places like YouTube and Reddit. Check it out.

Springbok ASMR