Chris Schepman stopped by once again. Danny led things off complaining about a quiet bathroom, the group agrees unanimously that skin conditions are weird and they discuss an embarrassing medical procedure. Then Anna gives the news including the Asiana Airlines plane crash, a masturbating bus driver and more. Finally Chris settles our last first round Seinfeld match up.

Our recommendation this week is local band, Wild Ones.



plane NJ_Transit_Bus


Jay and Courtney Ochs are the guests. They discuss the differences between the East coast and the West coast, accents and Danny tells a smelly story. Then Anna gives the news including extreme ironing, professional prostitution and more. Also, another first round match up in the Seinfeld Game.




Mary Hinkle is the guest. They discuss soccer terms, video games and diseased hookers. Then Anna gives the news including the Tesla, a citizens arrest and more. The Seinfeld deal breaker game is debuted.

This episode is dedicated to Anna’s best friend Chelse. She’s probably giving birth as you’re reading this.


doritos tesla